vowel movement

natural living. learning the hard way. worldgazing through gorilla glass, giving way to bulbous gnarly fanged sea monsters on maps.  tattooing the important surpassing the slight - was up all night. dgaf. throwing rocks for strikes through the hole in your glass loft. loyal to the last drop. getting it together and hoarding the glue. trying to not contrail all over the damn internet. trying not to trailgaze at other peoples vapor all over the damn internet. AIGHT.

#1 ranked most obvious mashup that could not fail. 

that hermione clip will always affect me in some kinda way. 

vaporwave is basically tv carnage filtered through effects pedals. 

nothing sexier than a triple entendre 

ASL interpreter? gza rapping science?  in terms of brand management the wu have always been ahead of the curve, and i think they might’ve just hit nirvana in the viral age.