once i planted myself in front of spotify w/ a bottle of whiskey and these were all the songs i felt like playing at that particular moment/bottle

edit: it’s actually kinda perverse for me to share this in the morning right before hitting the beach, but in cause u hadn’t noticed perversion is a recurring theme in my life. 

(Source: Spotify)

this song just threw a monkey wrench at my whole weekend. 

The Newcomers - The martian hop (by FunkyGroovyBaby)

nicole wray still making it hot

Self-actualization - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

lmao. probably going to have to squeeze this somehow in my resume. maybe just leave a big ass 1 foot note at the end that directly links to this. 

i still have an inner asshole switch lingering in me somewhere. in certain situations i spend a lot of energy to not flip it with a sledgehammer… but it’s there. consider this a warning salvo. the best part is when ppl try to subliminally push an agenda on you. u ain’t no jedi. my perception slides through u like lightsaber thru hot ewok. 

edit: brought to my attention it could be because i am a scorpio, son of a scorpio. that should satisfy the groovy cosmic types.